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Infinity Massage Chair Reviews & Product Line [2017]

The Infinity line of massage chairs from Infinite Therapeutics brings the comfort, relaxation, health and wellbeing from the massage therapist's table to the comfort of your own home. These are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and optimally therapeutic.  They are designed and manufactured using the latest in ancient as well as modern massage techniques, technology, and advancements.

The entire line is accessible and will look great in any room of your home. There are many styles to choose from, all with built in program modes or the ability to create your own modality. Lets look at Infinity massage chair product reviews line below

Top Massage Chairs From Infinity (Product Line)


Infinity RiageThe L-track system in the Riage is highly advanced technology that enables the massaging capabilities to get to your entire back and lower body.

The S-track reaches your whole spine, including the curve.

This is optimal for releasing all tension that we hold within each vertebrae of the spine and throughout the lumbar region of our lower backs, glutes, and thighs.

There are built in reflexology foot rollers in the attached ottoman, designed to relieve tension and optimize relaxation. It's Bluetooth capable with its own audio system.

There are two separate zero gravity positions, so you can neutralize your spine and take all of the weight off your joints and bones, and heat in the lumbar area.

Riage X3

riage x3This is the latest from Infinity and the next generation in their line. Take all the great features and design of the Riage and add 3D technology, and you have what makes the X3 a standout.

The new spinal correction delivers massage strokes in just the right amount of pressure from neck to lumbar. A new leader in the industry, this delivers the longest massage stroke available and a "rubbing massage" feature that most closely resembles human hands.

You get all the same pressure massage from the airbags that you do in the Riage for the arms, lower waist, legs, lumbar, buttocks, wrists, legs, and feet.

Same Bluetooth sound system, zero gravity capabilities, and heated lumbar. The ottoman serves up optimal relaxation via foot reflexology massage with three foot rollers and eight airbags for your heels, ankles, arches, and soles.

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It 9800Utilizing inversion therapy and high quality leather, this will ease your muscles, melt away stress, and turn heads.

With the ability to recline into a deep inverted position, elevating your legs above your heart, you get all the benefits from decompressing the spine, eliminating the ill effects of gravity.

You can choose from three different heat settings for the lumbar region, and multiple Shiatsu and Swedish therapeutic choices from swing, tapping, rolling, and kneading, to swing and vibration.


IT-8800One of the most advanced on the market today, the massage delivered is both targeted via body scan technology, and customizable, offering several programs and options to choose from.

This workhorse delivers spinal decompression, knocking, kneading, tapping, and Shiatsu massage.

You can also plug in your own music and it will sync to the massage rollers, so your massage will be on the beat in high definition sound.

It has heated lumbar, two different options for the zero gravity feature, roller-specific shoulder massage, and a Shiatsu seat that swivels.

You can manual adjust the intensity settings, and the sole-rollers offer decompressing foot massage. Built in airbags target feet, legs, and seat. And you're in the driver's seat with a touch pad controller, creating the exact program aimed at the specific areas that need it most.


IT-8500This is great looking and feature rich without the larger investment of others in the product line. Same great technology, two zero gravity settings, heated lumbar; and airbag pressure massage delivered to arms, pillow, shoulders, feet, legs, and seat. The foot rollers on the sole deliver top of the line reflexology massage.

The swiveling seat helps align your spine, and along with the zero gravity recline, you get an additional stretch feature that adds to the decompression capabilities.

The built in body scanners target the areas that need it most, and the headphone port and intersound lets you set the exact mood you want. You can adjust the strength of the massage manually, and of course everything is within your reach via the touch controller.

Read full reviews of IT-8500 here.


IT-8500 x3Newly redesigned and basically the 8500 on steroids, this is a Cadillac. It delivers the same awesome aesthetics and high-tech features, along with the most advanced 3D technology you can buy.

It's Bluetooth enabled and you decide the settings, including roller depth for the deep tissue massage and intensity levels via the remote control.

You get the signature Infinity package with airbag massage and foot rolling reflexology. The spinal decompression and stretch use airbags to optimally stretch your back and relieve you from the stress of gravity.

There are six presets, so you can choose customized programs like sports refresh, rest and sleep, working relief, neck and shoulder, and waist and spine.

The accu-roll massage that targets your shoulders utilizes upper body sensors to deliver pinpointed massage to the exact spots that need it. The airbags are comprehensive in nature, delivering human-like massage to your entire body.


EvokeIf you're looking for an excellent investment with all the key modern massage technology and features at a price point that won't break the bank, look no further.

Including a cutting edge slide rail, your whole spine is massaged, relieving stress and eliminating pain.

You receive the outstanding benefits of zero gravity, from neck to glutes, increasing blood flow, improving your immune system, and melting away muscle fatigue and soreness.

It utilizes fully body compression massage via airbags (38 of them to be exact), from shoulders, waist, arms and legs, to calves.

The full spine receives deep pressure massage from long, rolling strokes. Your feet, including the soles, will not be neglected with eight airbags and six foot rollers for each foot. Additionally, and an awesome feature if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, is the heel rubber, which delivers outstanding massage and tissue damage relief.


IyashiWelcome to the future. Completely innovative in both looks, design, and feature set, this is truly the next generation. And there is no rival.

The massage stroke is a full 49 inches and has been measured to deliver a 35 percent higher percentage of relief and added wellbeing than any other chair on the market. It's optimized for any size space, with a unique track system, allowing you to save more space than a more traditional model.

With the signature Infinity components like two zero gravity positions, accu-roll shoulder massage, waist twist, foot rollers, lumbar heat, adjustable intensities, and an app you can use with your android device, you'll never want to get up.

 Full Infinity Iyashi Chair review Coming Soon!!!

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imperialThe name says it all, right?

This is about as close to an otherworldly, out of body experience you can get. In addition to massage rollers that knead your calves and the most sophisticated and sleek design available, you get an air ionizer, which will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

You also get a wireless remote. You will feel like you've moved into your favorite spa without leaving the comfort of your own home.

And if you're on the tall side and feel like you could never really fit in a way that was comfortable, you'll be happy to know the redesigned foot rest accommodates even the tallest basketball player-sized individuals.

You get all of the well known features of the Infinity line like full body airbag compression massage, foot reflexology, zero gravity positioning, Bluetooth and inter-sound technology. The list goes on. If you like the best of the best and want what you can't get anywhere else, the Imperial is for you.

Infinity Presidential

This model is coming and will be added later.

The list goes on. If you like the best of the best and want what you can't get anywhere else, the Imperial is for you.

More models of Infinity massage chair line will be added on this page as they become available.

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Panasonic Massage Chair Product Line and Reviews [2017]

If you are ready to take charge of your wellbeing and overall health, both physically and mentally, you've probably done enough research to know massage is a key necessity toward that end.

To name just a few of the many health benefits, myriad scientific studies have borne out that among other things, massage is helpful for people who suffer from headaches, back and neck pain, anxiety, high blood pressure or hypertension, stress-related maladies such as insomnia and anxiety; muscle fatigue and pain, arthritis, and sports-related injuries.

Gone are the days that massage was reserved for only the rich and famous, those able to hire their own private masseuse, or afford high-end health spas and fitness clubs.

It's now more accessible than ever, with the emergence of many affordable day spas and private practitioners, as well as at the office--both work and your doctor's--pharmacies, hospitals, and even shopping malls and airports. The prevalence of massage speaks not only to their popularity but to the health benefits they afford.

The good news is you don't have to shell out a lot of money to go to a day spa once or twice a week--even an affordable one will run up the bills--or make an appointment with your doctor or physical therapist just to get a massage. And no one wants to go hang out at the airport when they don't have to! high quality, technologically advanced chairs such as Panasonic massage chair are now available to purchase for use in your own home.

There are literally thousands of styles, brands, and colors to choose from. They look sharp, will save loads of money in the long run, and the health benefits speak for themselves.

One of the best manufacturers and designers working in the industry today, and the first to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for massage chairs, is Panasonic. Here's a rundown of the latest in their product line.

Top Panasonic Chairs Product Line

Urban Collection EP-1285K

Urban Collection EP-1285KWhile many massage chairs manufactured today offer somewhat similar features, as you can well imagine, your mileage may vary.

There's a huge range of styles, quality, materials, massage types, craftsmanship, and technology going into what's currently out there.

While most offer various types of massage like kneading, tapping, rolling, deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish, and Shiatsu, every once in a while, something new and interesting pops up.

In the Urban, one did. It offers Hawaiian massage as one of the choices in the feature list. Talk about being transported to your happy place.

If you happen to have some soft lighting and a swaying ukulele number on your MP3 player, you're on your way to bliss town. Another facet I particularly like is the fact that the three built in programs aren't just styles or types of massage strokes.

They are different types of massage aggregated into different programs that are designed for a specific purpose. In this one you can choose from instant relief delivered by way of rubbing, the way a massage therapist would; severe fatigue and stiffness relief; and relaxing and stretching muscles that are overly tired because of bad posture.

You can manually position the neck roller to fit the curvature of your neck and cervical spine just right, and you can recline to a fully flat position, taking the stress and weight of gravity off your spine.

The ottoman features an air massage system, and you get leg stretch as well as a convenient place to tuck away the remote control. Oh, and if Hawaiian massage isn't in your wheel house, of course there are other techniques you can choose from, including Swedish.

Urban Collection Full BodUrban Collection EP-MA10Ky EP-MA10K

Panasonic sets itself apart in this genre by picking specific features, techniques, or massage styles, and then building them into each piece of furniture they offer, making every one unique.

Just like the Urban with the delivery of Hawaiian massage, the Urban Collection Full Body offers up the time-tested practice of Chinese massage techniques.

Targeting the spine, you get direct and absolute focus on delivering pressure to all of the various and critical pressure points on the neck and spine that are responsible for holding tension, muscle fatigue, and pain.

It also uses acupoint stimulation to increase circulation and increase the flow of blood and hence energy to your entire body.

The remote control screen has a back light and uses the full seven colors for easy viewing, day or night. You can choose from four different programs directed to your neck and shoulders or lower back specifically, using either the Swedish or deep tissue massage technique.

The area usage is broad as well as wide, filling up almost the entire chair, and running the gamut from leg stretching, targeted neck massage, and air compression massage for your lower legs in the built-in ottoman.

Urban Collection EP-MA03K

EP-MA03KOften times one of the biggest complaints is that home massage chairs just don't quite work for people who are taller than average. Not so with the Urban Collection EP-MA03K.

Designed to fit a range of heights, even those over six feet, no matter how tall or short you are, you can receive the relaxing and rejuvenating whole body massage that is made to accommodate the exact contours of your neck and back.

You receive neck massage, as well as shoulder and back via a specially designed and manufactured curved body frame chassis that adapts to your own body dimensions and curves.

It also delivers massage to your calves and feet and you can not only choose the program you want, but also if you want to target just select areas on your body, like the shoulders or neck. The four different available programs allow you to choose from deep tissue or firm, and if you want to use the manual mode, you can pick tap and back roll, neck roll, or neck knead.

Real Pro Ultra Intensity Plus Massage Lounger EP-30004K

EP-30004KTrue to its form, the Panasonic builds into the Real Pro Ultra Intensity Plus a few exclusive new features: ultra-fine kneading massage known as "Junetsu," a flexible ottoman that accommodates different heights, and a new type of massage technique that emulates a closed fist and soothing grasp application for your neck and shoulders.

The automatic body scan system analyzes your tension and pain points and targets the areas you need the most.

You can choose from four different programs, each lasting fifteen minutes: arm and leg stretch, Swedish, Shiatsu, and deep tissue.

There is air massage delivered to 296 square inches of the surface area and 200 square inches of back surface area covered.

You control the speed and intensity to get the precise areas and depth you want. There are 22 air bags in total, delivering air massage to the seat, hands and arms, soles of your feet, and calves. You can create any program you want by building from the features, intensity, and styles of your choosing.

Up to six different programs can be held in the memory for up to four people. There's a voice guidance system, and if you're short on time, there's a refresher option that delivers a quick, effective, stress-relieving five-minute massage.

Real Pro Ultra Total Body with Heated Massage Rollers EP-MA70C

EP-MA70CLike the Real Pro Intensity Plus, this features the "Junetsu" ultra-fine massage technique. And, as the name states, if heat does the trick for what ails your back, these heated rollers will melt away the fatigue and stress that's bottled up in your joints, muscles, and spine.

There are new 3D massage techniques that deliver Shiatsu, gentle or ultra kneading, tapping, and rolling.

The leg and foot rest contains multiple action capabilities, and this one features a wider shoulder and neck range area of almost five inches.

It utilizes professional stretching techniques for both the pelvis and shoulder blades, and the shoulder positioning is automatic. You can select from six programs that feature deep tissue, targeted neck and shoulder or lower back, refresh, or Shiatsu.

It offers 108 styles and techniques, which you can combine in any way you like for a customized massage that suits you and your body perfectly. You can adjust the intensity to match. It reclines to a full flat one-hundred-and-seventy-degree position for the ultimate in spine decompression.

Now newer model is available: Panasonic EP-MA73

The Panasonic EP-MA73 is the newest edition to the best selling Real Pro Ultra line. It features many of the same great features as the popular EP-MA70, but with the addition of 3D Ultra Kneading w/ Heated Massage Technology, Double Heating in the Rollers and the Soles, Ultra Air Kneading Technology, new high end wood grain finish, and a New Neckline Stretch. The all new Panasonic EP-MA73 is truly like having your own personal masseuse in your home.

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Panasonic EP-MA73 & EP-MA70 - Comparison Video:

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqe6iBWw5UM" width="720" controls="no" showinfo="no" rel="no" fs="no"]


EP-MAJ7K Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Total Body

EP-MAJ7KYou know what they say about saving the best for last? Well here it is. Panasonic calls this their "most intuitive personal luxury massage experience" for a reason.

It is all of those things. Utilizing thermal technology, this is the top of the heap. It offers professional-grade stretching techniques for your chest, legs, hips, and neck, and you get the exclusive "Junetsu" feature for ultra fine kneading massage where you need it.

There's a 3D control for intuitive or high speed digital control, or choose automatic for the intensity and let the sensor do the work.

There are multiple kneading programs, so you're not limited to a single delivery, and among the built-in programs, you can choose from neck and shoulders or low back, deep tissue, shiatsu, or Swedish.

All of this, and of course, the ability to recline to the full flat position.


Panasonic covers all their all of their Massage Chairs with a 5 year limited warranty.

The first 3 years, parts and labor are covered and the unit will be serviced in your home with no additional cost.

The remaining 2 years are parts repair only, and you will be responsible for the labor.

This only covers the massage block and electrical components.

Many used models are available for purchase but we do not recommend to get used massage chair, unless you are really limited by your budget.

No matter which model you choose, and for which reasons--style and design, features, or price--the Panasonic massage chair line is highly advanced and will serve your body and mind for decades.

Welcome to the new, healthier you.

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Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews & Product Line

You know that thing that happens when you decide you want to buy a car, and then you start researching the car, and about eleven days later, you still have no car, and all you want to do is take a nap? I do too.

The other thing that I have discovered that happens is when you decide you want to buy a massage chair, it's that times a million. There are a lot! Brands, models, makes, robotics, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling, vibrating... it's exhausting. And at the end of it, you don't just want a nap; you want to take a nap!

Well, here's one fewer thing you should stress about in your journey to relieve stress: Cozzia's are cozy. They're of a few chair manufacturers in the US, and they use only high-quality components. They're also awesome. And we've done all the research for you. So, sit back, put your feet up, read on, and then go get you a Cozzia massage chair.

Cozzia USA Product Line Review

CZ-710/Qi SE

There's a lot more to that car analogy than the pile of research associated with a purchase. These chairs look like sports cars.

This version comes in what they call triple black: an "automotive black" exterior, black interior, and black trim. Like some of the other high-end chairs out there today, the Qi Se Massage Chair comes with chromotherapy LED lighting, but there's a pattern to these lights, and you can change the color output.

The foot massager section of this chair spares no extravagance. The rollers are triple action, and you get two levels of shiatsu massage reflexology. This is serious foot massaging. Most chair offer some sort of heat, usually in the lumbar or full back, and this chair is no exception there, but you also heat in the legs via compression sleeves. The sleeves move as they compress, so you get full massage on your legs and calves.

The L-track design delivers a full body massage from glutes to neck, there's a large-format touch screen control panel, and 13 programs to choose from. It seems like you'd need a lot of space with a chair of this feature set, but it's a space-saver. You only need five inches from the wall.


The remote control for this chair is wireless and touch-enabled. It provides zero gravity positioning, which mimics the angle and position astronauts are in at take-off. This isn't for aerodynamics--it's to take all the weight off your body, maximize blood flow, and reduce spine compression. When it uses this technology, you get added benefit, as your body is not working in any way to support itself and your muscles and joints can be fully relieved from tension and stress.


This Cozzia 618 chair utilizes the latest in Cozzia 3D massage chair delivery and provides maximum foot relief with under-foot rollers. Bluetooth speakers are built right into the chair, and you control which massage programs you want from the remote control.

This chair has 64 airbags that deliver five levels of intensity to your entire body--legs and calves, thighs, seat, shoulders and arms, and neck.

There are six different and massage techniques; eight auto programs; stretching, air, and spot massage; and massage nodes that penetrate to three inches. You can adjust the backrest and footrest to any position you like, and of course this chair is equipped with zero gravity positioning.

CZ-730/The Cozzia Qi

They label this chair the doctor because it figures out the exact level of tension your body is under and then tailors the massage to directly target the problem areas. This is a very smart chair.

Not only does the sensor record and go after the tension in your back, it keeps a running log in calendar format, so you can track your progress. It utilizes 4D technology (called Vario), so it can move vertically, horizontally, and back and forth, varying the rhythm of the massage at the same time. This mimics the closest to a human massage available. The rollers are heated, and this chair offers the highly advanced air technology combined with compression and rollers for maximum benefit shiatsu foot massage.

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ngt_KG33YcU" width="720" controls="no" showinfo="no" rel="no" fs="no"]


If you like design and space technology, you'll like this chair. It offers zero gravity positioning, taking all stress off your joints, and rendering your spine fully neutral for maximum relaxation and stress relief. It's beautifully designed, and delivers a 3D massage that travels the length, width, and depth of your back. The large format touch screen control panel puts you at the helm, and the footrest contains rollers that massage the soles of your feet.


You get a massage tailored just for you with this chair, as it makes use of precise scanning to auto-determine your tension and stress areas most at risk. The massage nodes extend three inches into your back and deliver stretching as well as spot massage. There are six massage techniques and eight auto programs. The airbags deliver five levels of intensity to your entire body--foot to neck. You can plug your MP3 player right into the chair, and fully relax your mind and senses via LED chromotherapy lighting.


The CZ-628 provides 3D technology massage, which exhibits the latest advances in robotics chair massage. The rollers massage your body in all directions, up and down, back and forth, and into your back, so that it feels as if you're being massaged by a professional.

It has a remote control you use to choose your preferences. The footrest rollers massage the soles of your feet, the chair provides zero gravity positioning to put your spine in a neutral position and increase circulation, and it comes with chromotherapy LED lighting for sensory healing. There are Bluetooth speakers built right in so you can choose whatever you like to listen to to maximize your comfort and relaxation.


Like others in the line, this chair has what is called the ultra s-track, which enables the delivery of an advanced, full body massage. Combined with the ability you get with the CZ-328 to recline into a fully flat position, you receive an s-track massage from neck to glutes. If it's just the neck and back you want massaged, you can sit upright for a two-dimensional massage, with rollers working back and forth across your back and neck as well as up and down. The remote puts you in command, to choose from four auto programs and six different types of massage.

You can also adjust the strengths and speed of the massage, heat your lower back via the lumbar heater, and utilize the chromotherapy LED lighting for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. You can opt for spot massage, and the air massage is delivered to your arms, feet, and calves via 26 airbags.

Cozzia 16028

Another option for those seeking a sleeker chair that takes up less space, this chair doesn't disappoint on features and options. You get spot massage six different ways and five programs.

It has twenty-two airbags for soothing and massaging your calves, feet, neck, thighs, and seat. The zero-gravity positioning--in a single touch--will transport you to total body weightlessness and completely relieve your spine from pressure and weight, thereby increasing blood flow and maximizing the functioning of your circulation and immune system.

The lumbar area heats your lower back, and the chromotherapy lighting soothes your senses and increases optimal relaxation. Previous models is 16027.


SuperTrac technology enables a medical massage chair to deliver a full body massage from your glutes to your neck, and this chair has w-shape s-track, which is what's known as ultra S. It's the most advanced s-track system there is.

You can utilize the zero-gravity positioning to take all the weight off your entire body and fully support your spine. There are eight programs to choose from and an adjustable footrest. The air massage features massage your arms, shoulders, neck, feet, calves, thighs, and seat. You can choose custom massage programs, as well as the width, intensity, and strength you prefer. The seat vibrates and the lumbar area is heated. There are two rollers in the foot rest for added foot stress relief.


You control your massage preferences via a hand-held remote and choose from six techniques, and three auto programs. This chair is equipped with 12 airbags and delivers soothing relief from stress and tension to your feet and calves with five levels of intensity.

The back and neck massage are delivered by two-D spot massage technology, utilizing six different techniques and three auto programs. During the manual massage, you adjust both the width and height. The EC-360D uses technology to scan your back and target the specific areas that need it and includes seat vibration. For the price point and features of this chair, it is a solid choice and addition to your home and health.


This chair offers 2D massage technology, zero gravity body positioning, and eight different programs to suit whatever your specific stress-relief needs should be. It has 50 airbags top to toe, with five varying intensity levels for your thighs, arms, seat, feet, and calves. There's a vibration mechanism in the seat of the chair, a heated lumbar area, and you adjust the speed and strength of the massage.


If you're looking for a smaller chair that takes up a bit less space, is easier on your wallet, but still packs all the features you need to get the job done, it's worth your time to consider the CZ-322.

It offers two-dimensional massage (back and forth and up and down), utilizing six types of massage. There are three auto programs, and spot massaging. You still get the body scanning, targeting the specific areas you need addressed, as well as a vibrating seat and the ability to adjust the strength and speed the way you like. This chair also includes chromotherapy lighting for maximum relaxation, and a nice safety feature: a surge protector that guards against overheating.

Cozzia chairs are designed and manufactured with the latest technology to deliver top-of-the line and industry-leading massage to you right in your home. It's a wise investment and one that will benefit your body and all-around wellness for years to come. Hope you enjoyed our cozzia massage chair review article. Stay tuned for more reviews.

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Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews 2017

The statistics on people who experience back and neck pain, headaches, and muscle and joint pain are staggering--it's over seventy-six million Americans alone.

Doctors and physical therapists have been recommending massage therapy for decades, and for some that means weekly massage, a monthly visit to the spa, physical therapy, or a home massage chair.

The advances in robotics and massage technique via massage chairs are many, and for those who can afford to buy one, the health benefits are apparent within weeks. People experience less pain, more stress relief, better cardiovascular health, better circulation and digestion, and fewer headaches and backaches.

There's no doubt a shiatsu massage chair is a wise and worthwhile investment. If you can't or just don't want to buy one, however, there's an outstanding alternative, which is to get best massage chair pad.

They're portable, effective, and in many cases, much more budget friendly. You get most of the benefits of a full chair--less stress, great pain relief, an improved immune system, and a healthier mind and body--without the major investment. Here's a list of the top brands out there, what they feature, and the pros and cons of each.

Top Rated Shiatsu Pads and Cushions

Zyllion ZMA-14

This best rated massage chair cushion stands out among the lot due to its size, back and neck coverage, the addition of heat, and the fact that it delivers a shiatsu massage--four different modes for both neck and back.

It's portable, of course, so you can easily take it with you to use with your favorite chair, including the one in your office. It's shaped like a removable car seat, which is part of why it's so effective. The coverage is unsurpassed in the world of massage cushions. It delivers rolling and kneading massage for your back and neck, three levels for your seat, and dual vibrating shiatsu massager for your hips.

On the pro side, you get a professional grade massage for your upper and lower back, hips, and neck. There are multiple modes, and you can adjust the height and width positions. The back strap is adjustable, so it's customizable. It has an auto-shut off for added safety, and at around two hundred and fifty dollars, it's an affordable option.

As far as cons, there aren't many. If you're looking for something that is a seat cushion only, this one will be too big and bulky for your needs.

Homedics MCS-510H

Homedics is the top of the line, and a well-known brand that's been around for ages. They are experts in designing and manufacturing massage products of all types, and you can't beat the quality and features.

They also look great. Like the ZMA-14, Homedics' MCS-510H is your portable, take-with-you-wherever-you-go deliverer of rejuvenating shiatsu massage.

It features three modalities to choose from: rolling, spot focused, and kneading. Coverage is complete for your entire back as well as your shoulders. It's heated, you can adjust the width, and it comes with a remote control.

The pro list includes its accuracy in targeting specific points on your back. You can stop it and start it as you need, so once it gets to a trouble spot, it can stay in that one place for as long as it takes to work out the knot or loosen the muscle.

The Homedics back massager is top notch, and it has an auto shut off.
The only real con is that it's on the bulky side, so it's not a breeze to transport. It's not overly heavy, weighing it at about fifteen pounds.


This cushion is top of the line. It features air bags as well as twelve massaging nodes--eight for your upper and lower back--and four for your neck and head.

The whole device is heated, which you can choose to turn on or off, and the seat section delivers a vibrating massage, which you can set at low, medium, or high. It comes with a remote control, and you can program the nodes individually. The back strap is adjustable, and it has an auto shut off timer.

This in affordable massager, right around the upper-mid range price-wise (just under three hundred), and packs a lot of features and quality for the bucks. It's also substantial enough for tall people (easily accommodates those over six feet tall). The only downside is, at 24.4 pounds, it's heavy.

Gideon Seat

At last check, this one was going for a steal, so if you want to snap up an one of the best massage cushion at a fraction of the cost, check out the Gideon. It's currently retailing online for just under fifty dollars.

With this cushion, you get the gamut of massage styles for your hips, back, and thighs: rolling, kneading, tapping (tapotement), and pulsating. You can also just set it to auto, and like shuffle in the old days on your CD player, the chair will scroll through all the modes. The strap is adjustable, so you can use it on any chair or in your car.

You can choose to intensively focus on a single area for a massage with the ability to pinpoint, say, just your lower back or shoulders; and there are four levels of intensity to choose from.

Pros are obvious on this one. Price, and weight. It weighs only three and a half pounds. It also has optional heating, and a 12-volt adapter, so you can plug it into your car. Very hard to find any cons on this affordable gem.

Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable with Heat

Here is the best massage cushion from Gideon, this model is a Cadillac on features and quality, and still well within the affordable range. They're under one hundred and fifty dollars, so for the money, you can't beat this cushion. It comes with six customizable modes and features shiatsu deep tissue kneading massage, as well as vibration and rolling. You can opt for heat or not, and there's an automatic shut off feature for added safety.

What I love about the Gideon line is that they're lightweight and they come with a 12-volt adapter, so you can use them in your car. When you have a back injury, or do a lot of driving, one of the single worst things you can do for your back is drive. Being able to toss this into the car makes a huge difference in your back health. You will be hard pressed to find any negatives (or bad reviews).

Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This best back massager is a direct competitor to the Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable Massaging Cushion with Heat. It's right about the same price, and delivers shiatsu massage.

You can choose to target any of the three zones: upper, lower, or entire back. There's a three-mode setting for your lumbar, which offers massage via air compression. It comes with a programmable remote control.

The pros for this cushion are price and quality of massage. As far as cons, a downside is that you can't pause or focus on a single area. You can receive the massage in any or all the targeted areas, but you can't set it to just focus on say a knot in a certain section of your back. The air compression is also a little loud.

New Five Star FS8812

This is a basic model massage cushion without fancy bells or whistles. And by bells and whistles, I mean advanced or professional types of massage. There is no deep tissue shiatsu, kneading, or rolling with this massager. It is strictly a vibrating cushion. What you do get, however, is ten motors, which deliver vibrating massage to your back, thighs, neck, and shoulders; heat for the low back; three speeds; remote control; and four programs to choose from. It's portable, lightweight, and has an adapter for your car.

This is a good entry level massager if you're looking for a) low price; and/or b) a massager that only vibrates. It's also very light--less than five pounds, so portability is a plus.

Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion

I love this cushion because it's so small and it delivers a shiatsu massage.

It's small, elegant, and you can take with you anywhere. It delivers a professional grade shiatsu deep tissue kneading massage, and it's so thin and lightweight, that you can easily massage your whole body any time. It's particularly nice when you're hanging out at home on the couch watching a movie.

Pros are looks and portability (great design, lightweight (3.5 pounds), small (11" X 7" X 4"), and easy to take with you on the go); you can use it in your car; it heats up; and you can pick one up for less than forty-five dollars. A

s far as cons, it doesn't have a lot of features. You can't change the speed, and the massage is straight-up, like that of a hand-held massager. There's not really a ton of cushion between you and the massage heads.

If a massage chair is simply not in the cards for you, a massage chair pad is a great option. The latest technological advances in robotic massage appliances is progressing at an amazing rate of speed, and the price is low enough to pay for itself after one fewer trips to the massage therapist.

Quick massage cushion reviews video:

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcmyAKjXUSk" width="720" controls="no" showinfo="no" rel="no" fs="no"]


See More Here: Best Massage Chair Pad Reviews 2017

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Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Review

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer massage chair is an invaluable investment in your present and future health.

When I decided to invest in a massage chair for myself, I checked out a pile of them (there are more than you can imagine), and this manufacturer and model rose to the top without doubt.

I know what you're thinking. I've been there. You've had a lot of back pain. Maybe some neck pain too. you're fatigued and overly tired all the time. Maybe a little cranky.

Your circulation is poor and your blood pressure is high. You're under a lot of stress, and your doctor has told you a million and a half times to take it down a notch, or you're headed for the hospital. But what do you do? Workout? Yes, don't we all, as often as possible, but not as often as we should. Eat right? Of course.

When we're not grabbing something mid-sprint on the way to another meeting. Get a massage every week? Who wouldn't LOVE that? But time, money, blah blah. It's hard!

A massage chair might seem out of reach or not something you would actually add to your home, but it makes more sense than you think. It's not just a fancy recliner, and it's not something you only use when you pay too much money for a movie or have twenty minutes to kill at the mall.

A massage chair is an excellent investment.

It pays in ways other than monetarily (though it will save you a bundle in medical and message therapy bills). It's one of the single best things you can do for your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Science is behind the rewards of massage on the body and mind, and when you start seriously considering a massage chair, Osaki is a brand you'll want to explore.

One of the leaders in the industry, Osaki builds a variety of chairs, with a multitude of styles and features, and is one of the staunchest believers in putting the customer first. Here's a complete review of why, out of the field of so many, I recommend the Pro Dreamer from Osaki.



Two stage zero gravity

When you move into a reclined position and take the weight off your joints and bones, you put your body in a state of weightlessness, thereby easing all stress and strain.

This is reminiscent for many of us of astronauts and NASA because they invented it years ago and it's still in use today. The Pro Dreamer utilizes this positioning, which reduces pressure on your spine.

You can recline into two positions in this chair, the second tilting you down low enough that your legs are above your heart, thereby increasing blood flow and circulation immediately.

Acupoint technology

Different styles, from Shiatsu, to deep tissue, to Swedish, utilize various pressure points on the body and use varying degrees of pressure to achieve maximum relaxation and relief from muscle pain.

There are over 300 of these points on our bodies, approximately 100 in our necks and backs. This chair uses this precise acupoint technology to target these pressure points and massage out of them knots and stress-induced kinks.

3D technology

RemoteThis technology simulates in the wider rollers an actual massage from a human. These wide rollers go deeper into muscle and tissue--up to eight centimeters--for a more intense session.

There are five levels of intensity, so you can receive as gentle or vigorous massage as you need. This advanced technology enables a more precise and targeted session.

Second gen s-track

This advanced tracking system allows the massage heads to more accurately trace the exact outline and contours of your back, spine, and pressure points, which delivers a precise and tailored experience.

MP3 connection port

What is missing from most massage chairs?

The ability to plug in. Not so with the OS 3D Pro Dreamer. This chair has a port right inside the chair as well as speakers, so no more listening to the hum of your thoughts while you're trying to relax. Now you can plug in and listen to whatever maximizes your relaxation.

Airbag squeeze at the waist

This chair has two airbags that hit on either side of your waist and inflate in order to not only massage the area but to more firmly connect you to the chair and rollers.

Computer body scan

GPS isn't just for geo-caching. Osaki uses the GPS computer scanning to map 200 square inches of your back and then massage to those points accurately. The rollers and heads then use these coordinates to deliver a massage tailored to your exact back.

Shoulder heating and massage

Our shoulders do a lot of work and are often ignored.

When we think of massage, we always go for the back and neck. Sometimes we throw in a little arms and legs, and if we're super lucky, head and hands.

But shoulders are our quiet workhorses, and they deserve massive relief. Two superb features with this chair are those that tend to these large muscle groups. The airbags at shoulder height, combined with heat, maximize the kneading and squeezing style that deliver massive stress and pain relief.

Airbag squeeze at the hips and seat

Similar to the waist airbag squeeze feature, this chair features six bags of air in the hips and seat area, which expand and contract, thereby squeezing and stretching the hip and buttock muscles.

Ten built in programs

Once the body scan is done with the navigation tracking, you can choose from ten different programs, tailored to your exact needs. You can alter the intensity within five levels and the width within three.

The LCD display is large format and clear, and you can use it to see exactly which part of your body is being worked on and to what degree. You can also use the manual mode to change all settings, including air bags.

Limb treatment

Remember what I said about arms, legs, hands, and arms being sort of afterthoughts? That's just another great thing about it. You don't have to sacrifice body parts or time spent on any one area. You get it all.

And with this chair, you get equal attention to every part of your body. The hand and arm and foot and calf regions utilize air bag technology to apply compression to your muscles so you get a complete and effective limb massage.

Foot and quad rollers

Speaking of limbs, I used to sometimes go for a massage and ask for the whole hour (or 90 minutes if I had some extra dough to spare) to be spent on my head and feet. A deep foot reflexology massage is transformative.

One of the absolute best features of this chair is the outstanding foot rollers--there are two sets of them and they spin and knead, hitting the critical pressure points. Similarly, after a long run or heavy workout, forget the IT band roller you have to use by hand.

This chair has built in rollers that focus on your quads. This is maximum recovery for a very large muscle group.

LED Chromotherapy lights

These lights are behind a bit of Plexiglas, so you only know they're there when they're activated in a darkened room. They emit a soothing cool quality of light that enhances relaxation. This combined with the MP3 connection port are instrumental features in adding bonus features to a stunning chair.

Auto shutoff

You can set the timer so the chair turns off automatically from five to thirty minutes, so you don't have to worry about falling asleep and getting over-massaged or incurring a safety risk.

Foot and calf stretch

This chair measures the length of your legs and then uses air bag technology to deliver compression and stretching to the exact features of your legs.


While the pro list is quite long compared to many other brands and models, I put the feature set at the top of the heap.

This chair is packed with them, and you are hard pressed to find another chair that delivers the full body, high technology experience you get with the Dreamer. It also comes with a three-year warranty on parts and labor (save your receipt).


As far as cons, if you're on a tight budget, this one will set you back a bit. It's also a bit on the large size, so you need plenty of space in any room you want to put it in.

Assembly is required, so keep in mind, you have a little work to do to get it up and running, but the good news is, you can have a massage as soon as you're done.

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jUYTEmIstA" width="720" controls="no" showinfo="no" rel="no" fs="no"]

Comparison With Other Models

comparison chart


  • Dimensions (assembled) Upright: 35.4" W X 48" H X 58.3" D; reclined: 35.4" W X 45.3" H X 74.8" D
  • Power consumption: 250 watts
  • Weight: 231.5 pounds
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts; 50-60 Hz
  • Material: Faux leather (synthetic)

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews echo a consistent refrain, which is basically, "Wow!" Among other raves, the most prominent are around the excellent investment, high quality mechanics, and the ability to save and share programs.

If you've decided on a massage chair and your head is spinning from all the options, you can't go wrong with this Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (and then you can sit down and get a head massage!).

heir entire line affords excellent pain and stress relief, but this full-featured chair is an investment in the future of your happiness and health that is well worth making.

Source Here: Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Review

Human Touch Massage Chair Brand: Reviews & Product Line

If you've ever considered a massage chair for your home or business, there might be a few blockers that immediately come to mind. Are they too indulgent? Is a massage chair an unnecessary extravagance? Or you might think adding one to boost revenue and profits is out of reach due to initial cost and ongoing output. But you might reconsider once you think about how long the list of pros is.

Massage has scientifically proven time and again to relieve stress, boost circulation, improve your cardiovascular health, and boost your immune system. Can you put a price tag on your physical and emotional well-being? Not really.

But even if hearing that makes you roll your eyes (I know. I hate when someone tells me I can't put a price on something, but my bank account begs to differ), there are plenty massage chairs that are within reach monetarily and wildly beneficial.

Similarly, if you're thinking of adding one or more to your business, it's worth running the numbers. Look at the long game, and you might be surprised at what you find. Think volume. Think wholesale. Think discounts.

There are a few key players in the massage chair world and Human Touch is among the best of the lot.

We've looked at all five Human Touch massage chair lines, and the models in each, so you don't have to.

Perfect Chair Line

perfect chair seriesIf you think massage chair equals something that looks great in a salon or doctor's office, but isn't something that exactly "makes the room" in your house, check out this line.

They're strikingly modern, aesthetically pleasing, and no one will know they're massage chairs.

Just don't be surprised when your unsuspecting guests won't leave your house.

These chairs are all about the back: improving posture and spinal health, and relieving pain.


If you're a fan of midcentury modern furniture, and you happen to know your chair designers, think Eames. The PC 610 is a looker. Sure, it's a recliner and not a lounge chair + ottoman, but let's not quibble over details.

It looks great, and it's designed for form over function, as things are supposed to be. Oh how I long for those days.

These chairs are gorgeous. Also, if you're choosy, you're going to be happy with your options.

You get to choose the color of not only the frame, the type of leather (premium, top grain, or sofhyde), as well as the color (one to six options, depending on the grade you select). But enough about looks.

This chair is recommended by doctors, as it employs zero gravity positioning, and you can choose your recline. All with the touch of a button.


This has everything the PC-610 has, but you use your weight to move the chair instead of a button. You know, like a traditional recliner. So, if you're looking to save a few dollars, and you don't mind simply using your body weight to incline the chair into a position that will instantly transport you to Shangri-La, happy birthday.


If you lean towards minimalism and like a slightly smaller recliner with all the benefits, check this out. You get the same choices that you get with the 610 and 420 in terms of frame, fabric, and colors, and you can adjust both the angle of recline and the height of your legs. Zero gravity positioning is a given.


This recliner is designed for those who prefer some bulk to their furniture. It doesn't sport the modern aesthetic as much as convey strength and stability. It comes in top grain leather, and you can choose from three colors. This is a recliner for someone who is all business when it comes to back health.

Human Touch uses what they call ProZero mode for this chair, which actually goes beyond zero gravity for optimal stress relief and spinal health. It also reclines into more positions than other recliner on the market.

PC Tranquility ZeroGravity

Pure Zen. Tranquility is the perfect nomenclature here. Human Touch designed this chair to transport your body and mind into a state of health and bliss.

The recline sets your body completely neutral and takes all of the weight off your joints and bones. Jade stones, built into the chair, heat up and soothe muscles and relive tension. Finally, waves of massage envelop the entirety of your body. Who are we kidding? This chair is beyond tranquil.

Accent Series

ascent seriesThis series is designed for the serious enthusiast or anyone seeking any level of relief from back, neck, hip, leg, or body stress or pain. And if you simply need the highest order of relaxation and muscle tension relief out there, look no further.


If you've ever been, you can stop reading. Bali is all about massage, and no one on the island understand why anyone would stress about anything.

It's a heavenly place. This chair lives up to the name and the outlook. It provides a very rigorous, so it's not for the faint of heart.

Features include a rotating calf and foot massager built into the ottoman part of the recliner, which you control; a remote control that lights up (LED), so no turning on an overhead to disrupt your peaceful time; multiple shoulder settings, and actual arm containers, rather than rests. Your arms are hugged in massage.

There are nine height settings, the chair detects the length of your spine and back and adjusts accordingly. The cloud touch technology is placed at your arms, hips, seat, and shoulders, so you get the latest massage technology to every part of your body simultaneously.

Novo XT

If you're an athlete or your job is particularly hard and demanding on your body, check out the Novo XT. It's built for you and your specific physical and emotional needs, before and after your muscles get a serious workout.

[su_youtube_advanced url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inP3GRRJX9o" width="720" controls="no" showinfo="no" rel="no" fs="no"]

This chair looks a little futuristic because it is.

You can position the foot and calf massagers to suit your needs, and the foot rollers deliver expert-masseuse-level reflexology. The leg rest is automatic, adjusting to meet your exact height.

The built in Bluetooth speakers let you choose what type of music relaxes you, and the track (which they label unibody) covers more than sixty percent of your body, so this chair has you literally covered like no other.

You get a heated lumbar for added stress and muscle tension relief in your lower back, where we need it most, and the chair is designed to stretch and bend your back and legs to relieve back pain and speed recovery. You can choose from thirty-four programs, and as always with Human Touch, you'll be supported in zero gravity positioning.

Read review of Novo XT Chair From HT


Delivering a vigorous level massage, the Accent Novo is built for over achievers.
Like the XT, you get zero gravity design so your spine can recover and your hips and legs are weightless.

It also comes with thirty-two programs to choose from, the signature sixty-percent unibody track, and a heated lower back area for lumbar support and relief. The leg rest extends to match your body, and the intensity of the foot and calf massage are up to your discretion.

Navitas Sleep

This sleep chair will not only aid you in getting a better night's sleep, but it will render your sleep more restorative. Like the Novo, but even better, this chair comes with thirty-six programs you can set for optimal wellness; arm hugging wells; and the classic zero gravity positioning.

If you're a runner or weightlifter, you will rejoice in the calf massage feature; it provides a shiatsu massage as opposed to the standard air bag.

You also get the acupoint scan to ensure the back options is tailored to your exact height, and cloud touch acupressure. The 4D body stretch is designed to pull and stretch your whole upper and lower body in a way that can't be achieved by stretching on your own.

The rhythm massage feature utilizes 4D technology and employs robotics in multiple dimensions, delivering a deep tissue massage that is almost unheard of outside one you can get from a licensed masseuse. Control it all exactly to your liking with a remote.

iJoy Massage Chair Series

ijoy seriesThis line puts the "J" in joy in so many ways. Designed to look beautiful and incorporate seamlessly into your home, no matter your decor preference, these chairs are beautiful and unassumingly effective in delivering amazing massage.

iJoy Foot

This little foot massager is as close as you can get to experiencing true, human-hand-reflexology. It is moderate in intensity level, but is a sheer joy. The massager employs robotics massage the feet, increase circulation, and relax the entire body.

Human Touch Ijoy Active 2.0

If you don't have a lot of extra space or you just want a chair that fits where any other chair in your house would, the Active 2.0 is a solid bet. This is a classic chair, with three programs to choose from, and the circular massage you're used to receiving in the spa. If you're not happy with any of the three presets, you can mix and match to develop your own customized massage.

iJoy 2580

This chair is all about optimal relaxation. The massage level output is even labeled just that--relaxing. So, you're not running into vigorous or intense territory with this chair. It's baseline relaxation and stress relief, designed to help you feel more rejuvenated and less fatigue at the end of a hard day or week (or both).

All you have to do is sit down, push a button, and you're on your way to maximum decompression.

You have your own control set, so you decide what type you want, and bonus, this has a cup holder built right in. It comes with three programs, and an outlet is built in in case you need to charge your phone while you relax. You control the intensity by removing (or not removing) the softening massage pad. Read our iJoy 2580 review here.

iJoy 2310

Another entry level chair, if you like things simple, have a tight budget, or just want a little more out of your recliner, you absolutely can't go wrong with the 2310.

It's small in stature and ergonomically optimized. Another chair in the "relaxation" level class, it's got a controller stashed out of sight in the arm, a customizable intensity option with a removable pad, and three programs to choose from, featuring four different techniques. You can recline as little or as much as you want.

CirQlation Series

cirqlation seriesHuman Touch built a line of foot and calf massagers around the basic tenet that we all so often forget: our legs and fee carry us around all day. They work hard and get very little love. We should treat them well. Buy good shoes, and get a massag. Look no further than the CirQlation series.


This foot and calf massager uses robotic technology to deliver it to your feet and calves that increases blood flow and circulation. It is delivered in a figure-eight pattern, targeting the power and healing that comes from foot reflexology massage.

CirQlation 2

It adds kneading to the figure-eight pattern, which provides maximum relief to sore foot muscles. If you're on your feet all day, or have a high impact job, this massager delivers relief to your feet and calves in waves of de-stressing massage.

The ottoman rotates, and you can move it around, so you can use it with your most comfortable chair (or in the office). You can also remove the sleeves and toss them in the washer.

CirQlation 1

This foot and calf massager packs all of the punch of the CirQlation 2--rotating, independent ottoman, and kneading massage that reduces stress and increases blood flow and circulation.

If you won't miss removable sleeves, check this one out.


This one puts you in control with a console and two built in auto programs. You get rollers under your feet for pain and soreness relief, and the figure-eight pattern of massage for increased circulation.

You can also adjust the position of the massager, so it can tilt up as high or as low as you prefer, depending on the position of your body and chair you're sitting in.


This foot and calf massager takes thing up a notch. It's rated as intense level scale, and to the features that come standard with the 4, it adds heat. Your calves will receive a circulating-inducing figure-eight massage, and your feet a vibrating reflexology-based massage.

Reflex Pro

If you're not quite the "intense" level type of person, the Pro has you covered.

Comfortably (but not too comfortably) in the intense class, this massager delivers an excellent massage with all the wellness benefits--decreased stress, increased blood flow, and maximum rejuvenation. The Pro comes with warming technology for double duty relief, as well as the figure-eight and reflexology features.

Elite HT-1360

This vibrating and figure-eight pattern for your calves will leave your whole feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. It also provides kneading, which aids in the recovery of sore, tired muscles, and increases circulation.

iJoy foot

This lightweight, portable foot massager delivers unparalleled foot reflexology massage that you can take with you wherever you want. It is a great add-on to the iJoy Active 2.0.

Human Touch WholeBody Series

whole body seriesThese chairs will refresh your body, invigorate your soul, and leave you pleasantly worry-free about your bank balance. At first blush, you might think they're like any ordinary recliner, but look again.

They might look the part, but grab hold of the remote control, and your best recliner turns into instant massage therapy. And all the corresponding benefits are yours. Who has to know, really?

WholeBody 7.1

Coming in at a moderate on the massage scale rating, the 7.1 mimics a circular massage you'd get from a salon or trained masseuse. You can retract or extent the ottoman for foot and calf, and the 3D flexguide delivers a smooth experience.

You can pick from five preset programs, and the heated lumbar can give you extra relief on particularly bad back days. The swivel base is a nice feature if you're not a fan of a single point of view chairs.

ZeroG 3.0

This chair integrates zero gravity technology, relieving your joints from all weight bearing for maximum spine health. It too has a retractable foot and calf ottoman, and three presets to choose from. The flexguide 3D technology delivers a smooth, even massage, and you control the intensity on all areas of your back.

AcuTouch 9500x

This is what you call a smart chair. It runs a scan on your back, selects the areas in which you are most in need, and targets those. There are two separate heating modules for your back, so you can literally turn up the heat on your lumbar. The seat integrates pulsating massage in eight areas, including the dreaded and much needed sciatica. There's a foot and calf massager that you can adjust or retract, and eight presets.

ZeroG Volito

The ZeroG is similar in design to the Perfect series. It's minimal, functional, and big on looks. It allows you to recline to full weightlessness, comes in high end leather, and delivers deep, healing, professional massage.

There's a high-tech neck pillow that looks great and provides support for your head and neck, you can adjust the back and legs separately, and there's a built-in calf and foot massager in the ottoman.

WholeBody HT-275

This is medical-grade chair. The system has four rollers, and it targets your whole body, low back to neck. The calf and foot massager is adjustable width-wise, there are three preset programs, and you get the best of both massages: kneading as well as percussion, or tapping. If you need extra attention on your neck, you can remove the head pillow for more intensity.

AcuTouch 6.0

This chair is like a combination between a whole-body pillow and whole-body hug. You get a remote control, so you're in charge, and all you have to do is sink in, and let the healing begin. This one has cloud touch technology, which targets your hips, shoulders, arm, and seat; acupoint detection for spot-on targeted relief, a retractable and adjustable foot and calf massager, with removable sleeves for easy cleaning.

ZeroG 4.0

They call this massage-delivery chair a smart 3D engine because it encompasses your body and moves in and around every muscle. You can choose where you want the pressure with your remote, or just pick one of the four programs. It comes with the fabulous calf and foot massager built into the ottoman, and of course, you can recline to absolute zero gravity.

ThermoStretch HT-7120

This chair gives you a whole lot of options. Choose from five different styles of massage, one or two heated back pads, and all stretch. You control the level and if you want feet and calves in the mix, just recline and enjoy the benefits of increased blood flow.

ZeroG 2.0

This chair makes the decisions for you. Just enter the level you want, and the targeting system does the rest. The ergonomically optimized seat and zero gravity positioning enable you to be completely weightless and supported. For full body immersion, there is a foot and calf massager in the ottoman.

WholeBody HT-5040

This one looks the part. It's a tough chair, and its built to deliver maximum relief via moderate intensity. You can choose between five styles, and integrate your legs and feet with the ottoman massager. It integrates a full body stretch for improved wellness and a boost to your immune and circulatory systems.

WholeBody 5.1

The 5.1 delivers a superb relaxation massage. Also on the moderate level, the flexglide system ensures a smooth, soothing experience every time. There are three auto preset programs, and a retractable ottoman for leg massage. This chair swivels, so you can recline and rotate as you wish, and the back and legs move independently, so you can adjust each to your exact specifications.

ZeroG 5.0

This is an adaptable chair that will fit into any space. The ottoman is the width of the whole chair, so you get a full lower body massage. The flexguide technology in 3D targets your special-needs areas and delivers a soothing experience for optimal healing and wellness. There are four auto programs built in, and warming air on your lower back. You can go to zero gravity position by just pressing and holding a button to your exact desired angle.

WholeBody HT-3300

The recline feature is motor-driven, so you can get to any angle you choose via the control panel. The HT-3300 offer four massage techniques, and foot and calf massage. You can adjust the massage effect vertically, or pick a program that focuses on just one or more than one area at a time.


This chair is truly a masterpiece. Like your own massage capsule of relief, this chair is hard to rival. The zero gravity feature is button-operated, and it detects your back and neck specific needs to tailor the massage. Lumbar heat and cloud touch technology stretch specific muscle groups.

The built-in calf and foot massager provide vibrating rollers for your feet and compression for your calves. The sleeves are removable so you can wash them.

Place To Buy

You cab get it from Costco, E chair site, but most models available on Amazon. If you have any problem, it is an return  process. All chairs come with a warranty (varies from model to model), so you covered for any repair or replacement parts.

With so many quality Human Touch massage chair models to choose from, HT offerings are a notch above the rest. And whether you're looking to enhance your physical and mental well-being at home, or your bottom line at the office, there's an option that's right for you.

Originally Published Here: Human Touch Massage Chair Brand: Reviews & Product Line

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Review

Whether you're looking for an in-home massage chair for stress reduction, pain relief and wellness, or considering adding one or more to your business for increased revenue, Osaki is a leader in the industry.

Osaki designs and distributes high quality fitness and wellness products, most notably massage chairs, is committed to top-notch customer service and satisfaction, and does everything in their power to maintain and grow their loyal customer base without sacrificing service, maintenance, or commitment to their products.

They make a wide range of massage chairs, from all around basic to super high end. They feature space-saving models, designed to take up zero wall space, and feature luxury chairs for businesses like movie theaters and day spas.

One of Osaki's best selling chairs, for good reason, is the OS 3D Pro Cyber.

It repeatedly ranks best in class and falls high on reviewers' top picks year after year. You get high-end whole-body comfort and a host of features that continue to impress.

The zero gravity positioning and advanced body scanning technology deliver comfort, relieve the stress on your joints, and sooth your muscles.

From high intensity to gentle, the massage features are designed to accommodate your body's specific needs.

[su_button url="http://www.wellnessgeeky.com/go/osaki-pro-cyber" target="blank" background="#e3af23" size="7" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="0" icon="icon: arrow-circle-right" rel="nofollow"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

While packed with features, like arm and hand, calf and foot, and lumbar, hip, and shoulder massage; dual foot rollers, auto recline, leg extension, and acupoint technology, here are a few standouts.



Zero gravity positioning

zerogravityThis sounds like a feature right out of NASA, and it kind of is. Zero gravity positioning refers to the tilting position of the chair that takes all the weight off of your muscles, joints, and bones, so that your body is fully supported and able to destress.

Taking the stress off your joints and aligning your hips, legs, and back allows your body to decompress so that the massage can take effect.

Computer body scan

Body scan technology is designed to trace the curvature of your spine, and this chair utilizes the latest.

The advanced computer body scanning adapts to your exact spine configuration, which then enables the rollers to target the exact areas of your back that need the hard work.

The result is a lessening of tension and the ability for your back muscles to completely relax, mirroring an actual massage from a professional masseuse.

Next gen air bag technology

Air bag technology is based on compression, and the OS 3D Pro Cyber utilizes 36 of them. It's not a matter of how many air bags a chair has that makes or breaks the output and quality of the massage, but how hard each air bag works.

In this chair, Osaki has mastered the efficiency and efficacy of each air bag, increasing with each the volume and surface area. This technology is part of what makes the OS 3D Pro Cyber particularly good for circulation.

LED Chromotherapy lighting

If there's one thing that kills a massage, it's lighting that makes you feel like you're in the dentist's chair.

Once again, Osaki comes to the rescue with this feature-packed chair, so you don't have to wear a mask when you're trying to decompress. It's fitted with adjustable LED lights so you can adjust them to best fit whatever your mood.

The LED bulbs have a cooler quality of light and are placed behind Plexiglas, so they're only visible when you turn them on. In a dark room, the LED light casts a soft blue light into the room for maximum relaxation.

Evolved 3D massage technology

We all know those less than ideal massage chairs at the airport or shopping mall that, rather than leaving you feeling destressed and relaxed, leave you feeling more like you just got sucker punched in the back.

The problem with these low-quality chairs is the roller technology.

In the OS 3D Pro Cyber, Osaki utilizes the latest massage roller technology, designed to deliver flexibility and true deep tissue massage via range of the rollers. In this chair, the rollers can extend a little over three inches, which penetrates your muscles, mirroring what a masseuse does in deep tissue massage.

Lower back heat therapy

Osaki has built in two heated pads in the lumbar section of the chair, targeting lower back, which is a trouble spot for many. The heat relieves pain by loosening tight muscles and easing the strain that comes with it.

Remote with large-scale viewing screen

Many massage chairs offer remote controls, but you often can't figure out what the buttons mean, and the surprises aren't always good ones. The Osaki 3D Pro Cyber comes with a fully equipped five-inch, intuitive viewing screen, displaying very clearly which modes are active. And you can use the remote to manually change settings--type of massage, speed, intensity, etc.


  • Number of programs: nine to choose from
  • Versatility of massage: vibration, roller, heat, and air
  • Ease of use: large, intuitive display with easy programming and massage type switching
  • Technology: 3D body scan technology, zero gravity positioning, and chromotherapy LED lighting


Remote control display: The readout on the display can be hard to see if its in direct sunlight

Size: the chair is quite large in and of itself and needs a lot of room around it, so it can be tough to fit it into a regular room in your home

Assembly: Comes to your doorstep in parts, so some assembly is required

Cost: this is not a budget massage chair, but it's worth it if you've got some money to spend and can afford to indulge


dividerThe Osaki OS-3D Cyber Pro comes with a three-year warranty, which covers parts and labor. This means that should anything mechanical bread or malfunction, you're covered.

If you're just tough on your furniture, take note that you're on your own for wear and tear. Keep your receipt and original packaging, as you'll need it if you need to file a claim. Once you show you bought it, though, if something's broken or not working correctly, Osaki will fix it.



  • Pre-programmed massage functions: nine
  • Automatic timer: 15 minutes
  • Colors: brown, cream, black, and red (bold!)
  • Material: faux leather, rubber armrests, metal frame
  • Power consumption: 300W (110 to 120)
  • Dimensions: upright: 57.1" L x 35.4" W x 51.2" H; reclined: 72.8" L x 35.4" W x 36.6: H
  • Weight: 286.6lbs

What customers are saying:

I doubt I'll need the warranty, but its always nice to have, especially with something with so many moving parts to it.

This chair has a large variety of adjustments to meet my needs. Different types of massage, trigger points, and levels of intensity.

I love that this chair is ideal for all body types
"One of a kind!"

The Chase:

So, should you buy this chair?

There are a lot of models out there, and doing all the research alone will make you wish you had one. But here's the thing.

This is a solid choice. Is it spendy? A little. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

With Osaki's staunch commitment to quality and customer service, the high-tech features of the chair, and the warranty, you can't go wrong with this.

It delivers untold dividends, and will save you who knows how many trips to the doctor throughout the course of your life. So, at the end of the day, it'll probably save you money.

And your body and mind are worth it.

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