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Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer Review

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Dreamer massage chair is an invaluable investment in your present and future health.
When I decided to invest in a massage chair for myself, I checked out a pile of them (there are more than you can imagine), and this manufacturer and model rose to the top without doubt.
I know what you're thinking. I've been there. You've had a lot of back pain. Maybe some neck pain too. you're fatigued and overly tired all the time. Maybe a little cranky.
Your circulation is poor and your blood pressure is high. You're under a lot of stress, and your doctor has told you a million and a half times to take it down a notch, or you're headed for the hospital. But what do you do? Workout? Yes, don't we all, as often as possible, but not as often as we should. Eat right? Of course.
When we're not grabbing something mid-sprint on the way to another meeting. Get a massage every week? Who wouldn't LOVE that? But time, money, blah blah. It's hard!
A massage chair might seem out of reach or not something you would actually add to your home, but it makes more sense than you think. It's not just a fancy recliner, and it's not something you only use when you pay too much money for a movie or have twenty minutes to kill at the mall.
A massage chair is an excellent investment.
It pays in ways other than monetarily (though it will save you a bundle in medical and message therapy bills). It's one of the single best things you can do for your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.
Science is behind the rewards of massage on the body and mind, and when you start seriously considering a massage chair, Osaki is a brand you'll want to explore.
One of the leaders in the industry, Osaki builds a variety of chairs, with a multitude of styles and features, and is one of the staunchest believers in putting the customer first. Here's a complete review of why, out of the field of so many, I recommend the Pro Dreamer from Osaki.



Two stage zero gravity

When you move into a reclined position and take the weight off your joints and bones, you put your body in a state of weightlessness, thereby easing all stress and strain.
This is reminiscent for many of us of astronauts and NASA because they invented it years ago and it's still in use today. The Pro Dreamer utilizes this positioning, which reduces pressure on your spine.
You can recline into two positions in this chair, the second tilting you down low enough that your legs are above your heart, thereby increasing blood flow and circulation immediately.

Acupoint technology

Different styles, from Shiatsu, to deep tissue, to Swedish, utilize various pressure points on the body and use varying degrees of pressure to achieve maximum relaxation and relief from muscle pain.
There are over 300 of these points on our bodies, approximately 100 in our necks and backs. This chair uses this precise acupoint technology to target these pressure points and massage out of them knots and stress-induced kinks.

3D technology

RemoteThis technology simulates in the wider rollers an actual massage from a human. These wide rollers go deeper into muscle and tissue--up to eight centimeters--for a more intense session.
There are five levels of intensity, so you can receive as gentle or vigorous massage as you need. This advanced technology enables a more precise and targeted session.

Second gen s-track

This advanced tracking system allows the massage heads to more accurately trace the exact outline and contours of your back, spine, and pressure points, which delivers a precise and tailored experience.

MP3 connection port

What is missing from most massage chairs?
The ability to plug in. Not so with the OS 3D Pro Dreamer. This chair has a port right inside the chair as well as speakers, so no more listening to the hum of your thoughts while you're trying to relax. Now you can plug in and listen to whatever maximizes your relaxation.

Airbag squeeze at the waist

This chair has two airbags that hit on either side of your waist and inflate in order to not only massage the area but to more firmly connect you to the chair and rollers.

Computer body scan

GPS isn't just for geo-caching. Osaki uses the GPS computer scanning to map 200 square inches of your back and then massage to those points accurately. The rollers and heads then use these coordinates to deliver a massage tailored to your exact back.

Shoulder heating and massage

Our shoulders do a lot of work and are often ignored.
When we think of massage, we always go for the back and neck. Sometimes we throw in a little arms and legs, and if we're super lucky, head and hands.
But shoulders are our quiet workhorses, and they deserve massive relief. Two superb features with this chair are those that tend to these large muscle groups. The airbags at shoulder height, combined with heat, maximize the kneading and squeezing style that deliver massive stress and pain relief.

Airbag squeeze at the hips and seat

Similar to the waist airbag squeeze feature, this chair features six bags of air in the hips and seat area, which expand and contract, thereby squeezing and stretching the hip and buttock muscles.

Ten built in programs

Once the body scan is done with the navigation tracking, you can choose from ten different programs, tailored to your exact needs. You can alter the intensity within five levels and the width within three.
The LCD display is large format and clear, and you can use it to see exactly which part of your body is being worked on and to what degree. You can also use the manual mode to change all settings, including air bags.

Limb treatment

Remember what I said about arms, legs, hands, and arms being sort of afterthoughts? That's just another great thing about it. You don't have to sacrifice body parts or time spent on any one area. You get it all.
And with this chair, you get equal attention to every part of your body. The hand and arm and foot and calf regions utilize air bag technology to apply compression to your muscles so you get a complete and effective limb massage.

Foot and quad rollers

Speaking of limbs, I used to sometimes go for a massage and ask for the whole hour (or 90 minutes if I had some extra dough to spare) to be spent on my head and feet. A deep foot reflexology massage is transformative.
One of the absolute best features of this chair is the outstanding foot rollers--there are two sets of them and they spin and knead, hitting the critical pressure points. Similarly, after a long run or heavy workout, forget the IT band roller you have to use by hand.
This chair has built in rollers that focus on your quads. This is maximum recovery for a very large muscle group.

LED Chromotherapy lights

These lights are behind a bit of Plexiglas, so you only know they're there when they're activated in a darkened room. They emit a soothing cool quality of light that enhances relaxation. This combined with the MP3 connection port are instrumental features in adding bonus features to a stunning chair.

Auto shutoff

You can set the timer so the chair turns off automatically from five to thirty minutes, so you don't have to worry about falling asleep and getting over-massaged or incurring a safety risk.

Foot and calf stretch

This chair measures the length of your legs and then uses air bag technology to deliver compression and stretching to the exact features of your legs.
While the pro list is quite long compared to many other brands and models, I put the feature set at the top of the heap.
This chair is packed with them, and you are hard pressed to find another chair that delivers the full body, high technology experience you get with the Dreamer. It also comes with a three-year warranty on parts and labor (save your receipt).
As far as cons, if you're on a tight budget, this one will set you back a bit. It's also a bit on the large size, so you need plenty of space in any room you want to put it in.
Assembly is required, so keep in mind, you have a little work to do to get it up and running, but the good news is, you can have a massage as soon as you're done.

Comparison With Other Models

comparison chart


  • Dimensions (assembled) Upright: 35.4" W X 48" H X 58.3" D; reclined: 35.4" W X 45.3" H X 74.8" D
  • Power consumption: 250 watts
  • Weight: 231.5 pounds
  • Voltage: 110-120 volts; 50-60 Hz
  • Material: Faux leather (synthetic)

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews echo a consistent refrain, which is basically, "Wow!" Among other raves, the most prominent are around the excellent investment, high quality mechanics, and the ability to save and share programs.
If you've decided on a massage chair and your head is spinning from all the options, you can't go wrong with this Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer (and then you can sit down and get a head massage!).
heir entire line affords excellent pain and stress relief, but this full-featured chair is an investment in the future of your happiness and health that is well worth making.
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