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Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review [2017]

Balancing life to have an equal amount of business and pleasure is like juggling two sharp knives on both hands while standing on a thin narrow beam. It is hard but it is attainable. With just investing an ample amount of time, quality and money on the things that matters the most is the key. Besides, all of us deserve a some rest after a hard work day. And Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair will do just that.
Owning one will not only be for the pleasure it brings but after the relaxation, comes a clear mind to think productively on your upcoming workload.

Osaki OS-4000 Features

  • ‘S-Track’ design
  • Computer body scan technology
  • Zero gravity (antigravity) technology
  • Innovative Airbag technology
  • Multiple controllers

Trust Factor

The dedication, value and overall perspective they put on every Osaki Massage Chair lead the company on being the World’s Ultimate Massage Chair and one of the Nation’s Largest Distributors.
Where each chairs are based on an acupressure technique that has been proven for its therapeutic result. Their Research and Development team provide customers with the newest technologies like zero gravity, body scan, and 3D massage all in a touch of a button.
In addition, Osaki treats every customer as a Family by delivering exemplary Customer Service, which is one of the company’s top priorities. That reason alone is enough to put your trust on their products.

Full Body Massage Experience

The Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Chair is all you need to have.
Invented with a set of S-track movable intelligent robot to release the tension off your body with the use of twin rollers gliding like a human thumb from your neck, through your shoulder, the entire back area and lumbar down to your buttocks then thigh, calves and all the way to your feet while gently vibrating your seat with a lower back heat therapy. There is nothing like an Osaki 4000 massage chair experience.

Health Benefits

The Zero Gravity design allows you to fully stretch out your back in the most accurate position that feels like you’re floating in the air that helps release the muscle tension to get rid of all those exhaustion we get from the day-to-day job, slowly fix the spine’s contour and improves blood circulation. The Osaki 4000 is equipped with a total of 32 air bags strategically placed for the massage chair to provide a full body relaxation.

Owner's Manual

If you are searching for detailed presentation you can take download owner’s manual here. If you want to read about history of massage chairs, click here.

Most Innovative Technology

You can choose from the following six unique auto-programs: Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation and Demo by just simply using the easy-to-follow wireless mini-controller. It also has three kinds of width adjustable settings that can be Wide, Medium or Narrow.
The high-tech LCD viewer visually demonstrates the activity and provides 5-30 auto-timer options. The Osaki 4000 offers six massage styles with five levels of speed and intensity namely rolling, kneading, clapping, shiatsu, Swedish and combo to suits your moods and preferences.
You don’t have to worry about not fitting  because of its innovative design that automatically makes micro adjustments to bend along to support your entire back. Your calf and foot massager has the same capability to make the necessary adjustments too.

Value for Money

The Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity Chair costs $2500. It may be pricey but with the many benefits and features mentioned, purchasing one will be a great deal of investment instead of settling for a cheap and poor-quality type that may cause a back pain instead of relief.
It comes with four different and very stylish color combinations:
  • Charcoal/Beige
  • Burgundy/Black
  • Cream/Beige
  • Black/Beige

Customers Feedback

After some trial and error, settled to use Healthcare with intensity and speed of 4 that seem to knock out the pain points around the muscles in neck area of spine. I do it several times a week, sometimes just for 15 min and occasionally for 30 minutes. Rest of my family mostly use ‘Relax’ mode and once they get more comfortable might try out other options. The point is you have a massage session that just meets your needs.
“This product is great! In terms of what it has to offer, it probably tops any of the chairs you’ll see in the mall and also does it at half the cost, although IMO these things are already overpriced. There is a warning not to use the chair for more than 30 mins due to overheating.
There is an annoying timer, which will shut off the chair, but you can always add time, and I’ve used it for more than 30 mins no problem. Also the chair is prone to electric surges, so make sure to connect it to a good surge protector (or just unplug it when not in use). The only real cons are the size and the overly powerful calf massagers, but if you think you can fit and if your wallet can afford it, buy this chair!”
“A little pricey but in this case you get what you pay for. Very nice, full body chair that looks great and is well constructed. I love the arm massage which of course you don’t find in most chairs out there.”
Quick video Review:
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For detailed product specifications including the size of The Osaki OS-4000 and other additional information visit store.
It does not only provides valuable reviews but an honest customer feedback and complaints (if there is any) too which are very helpful in deciding to purchase one. also offers a competitive pricing compare to other online shopping retailers.
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